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April 30 2016


corflute price

There are many different types of printing methods and technology available in the printing industry today, most of which are suitable for manufacturing a certain variety of product. I have compiled a brief explanation of the different printing technologies available, to help you understand which option may be most suitable for your upcoming print work.

What is Offset Printing?

The relationship between off set printing and digital printing could be compared to the vinyl record and CD or DVD. Offset printing uses 'analogue technology' (plates and blankets), but produces a higher resolution print and a much faster sheet rate than a digital press. corflute price

Set up costs for offset printing is higher than digital printing, but run on costs (cost per sheet) are a lot lower. This traditional printing style is commonly used to manufacture a range of products such as business cards, flyers, magnets, stickers, brochures, duplicate invoice books, letterheads - generally in run sizes of 500 sheets +

What does CMYK printing mean?

CMYK full colour is a variety of offset printing that creates colours and images using the CMYK colour spectrum. This technique combines different percentages of Cyan, magenta, Yellow & Black to create any colour. This means that you can have many different colours or images in your artwork for a fixed price.

This process also allows printers to 'aggregate' a number of different jobs that will printed at the same time, on a larger sheet of common stock. The advent of Aggregated printing has driven down the price of full colour printing in recent years, especially for business cards, letterheads, flyers, posters, brochures, magnets, stickers, note pads etc.

Like anything there are some drawbacks to CMYK full colour - such as the possibility of slight variation of colour between runs and the inability to create certain colours such as metallic gold and silver. To avoid these issues spot colour or PMS printing can sometimes be an option. corflute signs cost

Do I need PMS spot colours on my Business Cards?

Depends on your artwork - CMYK is fine for most designs, but certain colours will require PMS spot colour instead.

Spot colour PMS printing is another variation of offset printing - using specific coloured ink in the press, which correspond to the colours of that specific print run. PMS printing has stayed relevant due to the limitations of CMYK full colour printing - such as slight colour variation and the inability to colour match. Although more expensive in most cases, PMS or 'Spot colour' is the most suitable option when exact colour matching is a priority.

This method is commonly used to print business stationary and marketing material for large corporates who are very conscious of colour consistency.

When do you print using a Digital Printer?

Digital Printing is one of the more recent of print technologies available to the market. Digital Printing is a great option for small runs and extremely fast turnaround time. The set up costs are much lower than offset printing, but the run on cost (cost per sheet) is higher. Print resolution is traditionally not quite as good as offset printing, and some colours cannot be achieved because the colour spectrum is CMYK. Click here

This technology is commonly used to print small runs or urgent jobs. Flyers, Post Cards, Drop Cards, Business Cards, Brochures, Stickers, Labels, posters etc.

Printing Banners with Wide Format Digital printers

Wide format is another type of digital printing that prints onto rolls of medium such as vinyl, canvas etc. This machinery also utilises CMYK technology, and is often used to print Banners, Posters, Vinyl Stickers, Vehicle Signage, Signage etc.

Printing Signage with the Flat Bed printer

This is another variation of digital printing that can print on to any flat surface and is often used to manufacture signage on foam PVC board, corflute etc. This extremely versatile process can also be used to create custom point of sale displays, print doors edge to edge, surfboards, checker plate etc.


corflute printing

Poster printing is known as more of a research than a skill and is bounded by theories of style, designs and concepts that play a major role in making them attractive and straightforward resources of advertisement. There are numerous various kinds of layouts which are put to make use of while designing a poster. These layouts help to ascertain the objective of the poster and the resultant influence that it may have on the overall audience. corflute printing

The basics types of layouts which are used these days would be the'wanted'and the'stream lined'layouts.

The wanted layout is the sort of design that has a title, more such as a header file and the resultant matter in the midst of the sheet. It also incorporates information and surplus ideas regarding the cause for which it's put up, at the bottom and the sides of the poster. Advisable of an average wanted style layout poster is one which you might find in the police station where criminal pictures are put up with the wanted sign. corflute signs prices

Another form of printing layout is that of the stream lined variety which includes data stacked in a column in an organized manner. It basically gets the tendency to focus on the body tendency to look and scrutinize facts from top to bottom. You can find no additional pictures and information except for what is already presented on the poster.

The poster printing industry gives the people numerous opportunities to customize posters because of their various needs and advertising purposes. You are able to decide the poster size, shape, the coloring and the graphics as also the font by which you intend to write out the information. The kind of poster material can also be chosen by the consumer before the last print is made. You are able to select from plastic, to cloth to vinyl and corflute depending on your own advertisement needs. Know more

The Poster printing industry is vast and you can find one that may focus on your requirements if you look well enough and are willing to pay money for a properly designed and printed poster board.


fleet management

A company's grey fleet identifies the collection of employees'personal vehicles been used for their business journeys. Fleet management involves assembling steps, procedures and policies to handle and regulate the use of employees'vehicles for work related travels. vehicle tracking systems

All the Firms that put up this kind of fleet are those whose employees do not require to take lots of business related trips. Grey fleet is viewed by most as a cost saving alternative to buying or renting cars only for their business related trips particularly if the mileage travelled by employees for business on a monthly basis or year is very low. For many of these companies, this is actually the strategy to use but for some it isn't. There are many factors that should be considered before deciding to select the grey fleet option instead of buying or leasing a couple of cars for business related trips. If the grey fleet is properly put up and managed it can definitely cost the company way less than other options.

Most folks are of the opinion that managing a gray fleet only costs a business the mileage expense claims made by drivers for every journey they make and that employers aren't accountable for the employees when they are using their private cars for business. These are huge misconceptions as the company generally is not just accountable for the employees when they are using their personal cars but generally have to position these employees'cars on their insurance and manage them like the company owns them.

A gray fleet manager or management software might be necessary with respect to the size of the fleet. When it is a small-sized fleet, a fleet manager who'll lead to managing everything linked to the fleet might be sufficient as generally good utilization of Microsoft excel is enough for managing all grey fleet related data. Where in fact the fleet is a large one, a fleet management software is going to be required to handle all of data linked to employees'vehicles. There are several major factors that needs to be consider when deciding whether your company should put up this kind of fleet. fleet management

Initial thing you need to consider is how your company intends to handle the grey fleet, Policies need to be put in place to ensure both the driver and their safety and compliance to road rules. This can be done by ensuring license checks, vision checks, driver risk assessment, online driver training, vehicle safety inspections, MOT checks and insurance checks are regularly carried from all drivers and their vehicles.

Carry out research about what alternatives your company has asides creating a gray fleet by comparing the fee, risks and advantages of creating a gray fleet instead of buying, hiring or leasing vehicles solely for company use. Also there's a need certainly to check if employees'vehicles are suited for the kind of journey that they may be used for.

Learn when there is an alternative solution way for the employee to close that deal or have that very important meeting without going on a company trip. Discouraging needless business trips will help your company save some money. Lots of organizations now use video conferencing applications to have meetings with their business partners as opposed to travelling.

The company will need to consider Health and safety risks to its employees who're also the grey fleet drivers. Duty of care compliance rules which all fleet drivers will need to comply with ought to be set up. Also the company will need to be monitoring and managing the CO2 emission of the vehicles within their grey fleet.

In conclusion, grey fleet has its benefits if policies and rules come in area for it to be properly managed. If your company is considering one, weigh your options and if it is apparently the best one then select it.

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